Volunteer Program

Volunteers are vital part of our day-to-day operations at the Appalachian Highlands Humane Society, formerly known as the Humane Society of Washington County. Our mission of becoming a no-kill community and of advancing the lives of the animals in our region is made possible by the work our volunteers do.  Our organization could not exist without the time, effort, enthusiasm and expertise that each volunteer commits to giving.  If you love animals and like working with people, consider becoming a volunteer with the Appalachian Highlands Humane Society today!
We are experiencing an exciting growth within our organization and purpose, so we have several new opportunities on the horizon.  Whether it's helping with animal care, events, transportation or our thrift shop and pet food pantry - the work you do will matter.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Getting Started:
Complete and submit our online volunteer application.  Our coordinator will contact you to schedule and orientation.  Orientations are essential and required for all volunteers.  During that time, potential volunteers will learn more about our organization, cover our rules and regulations, and discover what volunteers can expect when volunteering with us.  Future training may be required after the initial orientation depending on the position volunteers choose.  Appalachian Highlands Humane Society t-shirts will be available for purchase after orientation for $10.00 each.
Age Requirements:
Online applications can be submitted for volunteers aged 18 or older.  Volunteer applicants aged 14-18 must call our office at (423)-926-8533 and be accompanied by a parent or guardian to orientation.

Court Ordered Community Service

The Appalachian Highlands Humane Society does allow people to work off their COURT ORDERED community service hours depending on the type of offense committed. If you have been convicted of any offense involving theft, abuse of an animal or child or adult, you CANNOT fulfill your community service hours with our organization.  Other offenses will be determined at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator.
The Appalachian Highlands Humane Society requires people to apply themselves and stay productive during their time volunteering. Punctuality is required and those who are habitually tardy will be dismissed.  Hours for community service in our offices are from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday - Friday.  Adoption event times will vary and normally occur on the weekends.  Court ordered community service workers will help with a variety of cleaning duties in our offices and at adoption events. Also, like any volunteer or staff member, are subject to being terminated if their work is not satisfactory.
You must be at least 18 years old and commit to a minimum of twenty hours of service in order to complete your community service with the Appalachian Highlands Humane Society.
Please fill out the application below. We will review your application and contact you if we would like you to volunteer with us. Thank you for your interest in helping the homeless animals of our community. If you have any questions, please email us at humanesociety@ahhumanesociety.org or call (423) 926-8533.