Courtesy Posting on our website, (and all adoption sites that are linked to it) is for animals who are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and who are spayed or neutered.  This service is helpful for pet owners who want to have a voice in the process of screening applicants and who are willing to keep their pet in the home until a new home is found.  Courtesy posts will remain visible on our website for up to 30 days.

The owner of the pet will screen and adopt the animal out on their own, and it is up to the pet owner if they want to charge a re-homing fee.  To have your pet listed, please complete the form below.

When uploading pictures, please provide full (uncropped) images.

You can scan in copies from your vet or take photos of the records and attach those. If you’d like to send these documents later, please email to

What we look for when screening an adopter:
Is the animal a good fit for the existing family members (people and animals) in the home?
Does the family rent or own? Is their landlord okay with them adding a pet?
Where will the animal be kept when they are not home? Where will the animal sleep?
Are their current pets well cared for/up to date with vaccines and exams?

Tips for meeting:
Once you feel comfortable with someone you should set up a meeting with them. If they have other animals it may be good to meet at a mutual place with just the person the first time, and then consider taking the animal you are re-homing to the adopter’s house to meet the other pets in the home. Some people feel more comfortable going to the adopter’s house to see where their animal is going, while some people do not feel it is necessary. We do not typically do home-checks at our organization.

If your pet is microchipped, make sure that you get all the information from the new owner. You must call the microchip company to release the animal out of your name and give them the new owners information.

Canine Behavioral Adoptability Guidelines

At The Humane Society of Washington County, we have a responsibility to make safe adoption placement decisions for the people and animals we share our community with. All of the dogs we care for are evaluated as individuals. We gather information about each dog from multiple sources (staff, foster placements, previous guardians, volunteers, etc.). While we evaluate each animal on a case-by-case basis, in general, The Humane Society of Washington County will not adopt out dogs who:

• Have a damaging bite history towards children or adults.
• Do not show warning signs before they attempt to bite.
• Have severely injured or killed another dog.
• Cannot be safely handled due to aggressive behaviors.
• Show offensive aggression towards humans (actively decreasing the distance between
themselves and the person they are aggressive towards).
• Stalk children in a predatory manner.
• Show uninterruptible aggression towards other dogs.
• Show poor bite inhibition (degree to which dog moderates tooth contact in the case of a

Bites that are determined to be fluke bites are not considered aggression. Fluke bites are
bites by a dog that occur during uncommon circumstances that are not likely to be
repeated (e.g. while in acute physical pain, while with puppies during lactation, while
under sedation, etc.).

The above guidlines are used by The Humane Society when posting animals for adoption that are either in our care or courtesy posts.