Become a Faithful Friend

By signing up to become a Faithful friend in our Monthly giving program, you are providing gifts that can be used by animals in their hour of need.  Faithful Friends are special members because they are steady and continuous.  Please help animals throughout the year by beginning your monthly gift today.
$10 per month (.33 cents per day) Pays for vaccines, 1 Heartworm treatment or 1 Flea and Tick Prevention.
$25 per month (.83 cents per day) Pays for vaccines, medications or food.
$50 per month (1.66 per day) Pays for a cat spay/neuter.
$100 per month ($3.33 per day), we can spay/neuter one male or female dog and provide vaccines.
Monthly support from our Faithful Friends, ensure the pets in our care receive the medical care, time and attention they need to heal and find their new loving homes.

We will send you monthly pictures and updates of animals that YOU rescued when they needed you most.