HSWC has partnered with crisis centers, to lend support to victims of domestic violence. It’s not only the humans who are affected by domestic violence, but also their pets. Abusers often threaten the welfare of the pets in an effort to control the victim. Afraid to leave their pets behind, the abused often choose not to leave their situation. That is where HSWC can help.
HSWC's Hopeful Paws program will allow the victims peace of mind, knowing their pets are taken care of while they work toward a safe future. Working with a Domestic Violence Counselor, they will be able to enter safe houses that unfortunately do not accept pets.

How You Can Help

HSWC will coordinate the foster home and provide medical care and food and supplies if necessary. But it goes without saying that without foster homes, this exciting opportunity to reach out to the community cannot exist.
If you'd like to join HSWC's Hopeful Paws foster network to provide a temporary safe place for the loving pets of the victims of domestic violence, please complete this Hopeful Paws Foster Application. Upon approval, we'll add you to our network of homes, and the Program Coordinator will contact you to review the program in detail.

How the Program Works

  • Victims will be asked to fill out paperwork prior to HSWC accepting their pet(s). One of the documents is a profile about each pet so the foster home knows a little about him or her before the pet comes into the home.
  • Our Coordinator will match a suitable foster home for each pet the victim may have.
  • Our Coordinator will be the liaison with the counselor to ensure anonymity of clients and foster homes.
  • A pet will go to the vet for a brief checkup, receive any necessary vaccines, microchipping, or spay/neuter procedures, then go on to his or her foster home.
  • Foster homes will sign a foster agreement with HSWC.
  • HSWC's Coordinator and the counselor will speak on a weekly basis to exchange updates on the status of the pet in the foster home, and the status of the victim's progress toward gaining a stable life of his/her own.
  • The maximum length of stay as per our agreement with the victim is 60 days.


This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those in need, both human victims and those they deeply care about, the companion animals who have found a place in their hearts.
We hope you will share in our vision and support our efforts by becoming a Domestic Violence Fosterer today. Together we can make a difference.